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Finance both a new or used car with bad credit or poor credit at a local car dealership near you today. See the auto loan rates.

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Find used cars in your local area at your local car lot. Car dealerships still have a good inventory of used cars find yours.

no money down car dealers PhiladelphiaBuying a car with bad credit is not ideal but it can be done and we are the people that can help you because we specialize in it. Now it can be easy or it can be difficult it all depends on your credit score.


We work with both bad credit car dealers in Philadelphia and no money down car dealers in Philadelphia and the idea is to help you get the best car loan rate at a car dealership near you.


Now every dealership has its pros and cons that’s why you are here. Most bad credit car dealers want to see what you can afford and see what your credit says you can afford. Many car dealers will not approve you for a loan if your debt is too high so if you owe money we recommend you start paying it off before you apply for a car loan.


But if you credit is what they call subprime in Philadelphia which is usually a 560 or better you can get a car loan if you have a down payment of $500 – $1,000 to put down.


So when you apply for a car loan know the down payment your looking for and your credit score because that will determine what kind of car you can look at or what the car dealership is going to finance you for.


If you are serious about getting a car with a little down payment or no down payment let us help we help people daily with car loans in Philadelphia and we want to give you the best opportunity at your next car.

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