The Easy Ways To Save For a Down Payment on Used Car. Philly Used Car Lots for Bad Credit

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So, you got your eye on a new ride? You might have to take some time to save up for the new car but you can do it. It might be a little tougher if you have bad credit but you just need a strategy to save up for this new car.


Bad credit can be an obstacle for many people but if you have a plan nothing can stop you for a car even if it’s no money down cars in Philadelphia.


Let’s start this strategy you need in place to pay down you car, this is regardless of bad credit or not.

Continue with a car payment

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Pay fake car payments to yourself. So you have already made the monthly payments and lived without the money and budgeted for the vehicle just keep stacking that cash so the next time you want to go out and purchase a new car you have a hefty down payment to start.


It doesn’t need to be the full amount exactly but if you’re close to it, that’s good too. Say your payment was $190 a month, saving $150 a month should be a good start.


Make little sacrifices for your car payment. Maybe get a separate account call it your “car loan fund” and make sure you are budgeting. Not saying $10 isn’t going to add up but over time it will if you want a new car instead of going drinking every Friday. To be honest when saving for a car, new or used it’s all about the down payment for that car in Philadelphia.

Look for a smaller down payment used car


This is a good way to see it too when you have bad credit. Look into your used car options. Yes they might be gently used but they also can save you thousands of dollars and the down payment will be smaller.


Yes it’s nice to drive of the car lot with something that’s never been driven but you can drive off a used car lot with a year old car and have a smaller car payment too.

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