Improving Your Bad Credit With a Simple Money Move For an Used Car in Philadelphia PA

philly used cars with down payments

How to improve your credit score for a car loan has one simple trick to it and that’s making sure you’re on top of your bills and making payments when they are due.

So, what I have done for myself when it comes time to paying bills and really anyone can do this also is set up a rainy-day fund and put $25 a week away. To cover your bills at the time, it doesn’t seem like much, but it will grow fast after you hit about $100.

Rainy day funds do save some people, especially when they are looking to buy a car, its easier to save money to your rainy-day fund when you automate the process plus you can beat the late fees most banks have.

Down payments on cars honestly save you money

Having a down payment for a car in Philadelphia is going to save you money on the interest because no one wants to be paying a butt load of interest on a used car over five years. Just to let you know that the range for an auto loan is around 42 months.

You honestly don’t want to go anywhere over 42 months because you’re just making more money for the car dealership.

Its your money you should hold on to it even if you have bad credit.

Look at the trade in value of your used car in Philadelphia


Philly Bad credit car loans

Another thing you can do is look at the value of your current car and see if you can trade it in depending on how old your car is. Trade in are very popular for most people that car shop because who wants to purchase an overpriced vehicle anyways.

Auto loan rate shopping is your friend so don’t forget it. We help car buyers daily find the right auto financing for them because I’m going to be honest the auto financing will encourage you to buy the car so the better financing the better sale.

That all starts with improving your credit with being on time with your bills. Used cars are all the hype right now in Philly with just a little care you can get a good deal on a used car from a used car lot in Philadelphia Pennsylvania 

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