5 Things to Do Before You Buy a Used Car in Philadelphia – Used Car Buying in Philly with Bad Credit

philly auto loansLets face it buying a used car can be scary because no one wants to be left with what they call a lemon. Yes there is a lemon law but there is a fine line for it.


And with a used car there can be repair bills that are more than what the car is worth. So your going to want to watch out how and when you buy a used car in Philadelphia.


Buying a used car comes down to 5 factors:


  1. How much are you looking to spend on the car or how much can you afford?
  2. Researching the right car
  3. Bring a friend that knows cars
  4. Make sure when your inspecting the car to have it on the ground
  5. Look for any rust or fluids that are leaking


If you can follow all the tips we just mentioned buying a used car in Philadelphia is going to be a little easier to handle.


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