Prepare Your Used Car For Winter in Philadelphia. Tips For Winter Driving

We all know the snow is coming, but you don’t need to be stressed about driving in the snow this year. With winter driving there comes a lot of hazards such as dealing with it getting darker sooner, Ice, heavy snow, black ice that can cause severe accidents. Having an unreliable car makes it worse.

Make sure you and your vehicle are safe to be on the road this winter. Some things that you might not know when driving in winter conditions that 92% of drivers take extra steps in preparing for winter blizzard. 70% of people check the weather before leaving the house. Only 70% keep a great distance when driving in the wet winter.

Winterizing car tips for Philadelphia

Have the proper winter tires on your car.

Heres why:

  • Reducing braking distance when driving on snow covered roads
  • You have 25% improvement on braking
  • Having winter tires improves grip on wet roads

Here are some driving tips for wet snow:

  • Before you go out on the road check your cars headlights and breaks.
  • Take your time, plan according to weather conditions for your commute
  • Be alert don’t drive distracted, keep your eyes on the road
  • If you start to slide, don’t panic and take your foot off the gas, DON’T BRAKE also turn into your slide
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car that includes water, food and other proper needs.

We know that winter can be one of the biggest headaches of the year but we want to make sure that your car is prepared for it with the driving tips and car care tips.

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Winterize your used car

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